We conserve and treat health through treatments, prevention, and longevity.

  • Treatments with acupuncture

  • Chinese herbs, natural supplements, cupping, heat or cold therapy

  • Prevention with diets lifestyle activities

  • Longevity with all above and breathing exercise and meditation

  • We aim to get you back on track for a healthy person

  • Find out how we can help.

About us

Tony Makhlouf D.O.M

  • Master in oriental medicine from acupuncture and massage college from Miami Florida.
  • Bachelor in health and science from acupuncture and massage college.
  • Bachelor in alternative medicine from Everglade university.

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About chinese medicine

What is “Traditional Chinese Medicine”?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an extremely precise and complete medical system that has been continuously practiced for over 4,000 years and currently treats more than one third of the world’s population. It includes herbology, injection therapy, moxabustion, massage (tuina), qi gong and lifestyle counseling for the treatment and prevention of disease, illness and injury.

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Family - Tony Makhlouf - 16/04/2014

Family is a magazine that deals with all family related issues. From pregnancy to delivery, to education, choosing the best day care, the best school. Again, experts in different fields be join us in the studio to answer your questions live.

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