What is Chinese Medicine? or the system behind Acupuncture.

 What is Chinese Medicine? or the system behind Acupuncture.
  • Chinese medicine have three class of treatments.

  • Lower class treat diseases

  • Middle class prevent diseases

  • Upper class longevity

Lower class Even though it sound similar to western medicine for treating disease it still have a different approach . Diseases in Chinese medicine are the inability of the body to found it balance back (HOMEOSTASIS). Helping the body to overcome causes of diseases from external (virus, summer stroke,..) internal related to emotions each organ related to certain behavior ,  Others: constitution, fatigue/over-exertion, excessive sexual activity, diet, trauma, epidemics, parasites and poisons, wrong treatment. Helping the body with natural holistic approach threw acupuncture herbs cupping heat/cooling therapy, exercise diet and meditation.

Western vs Eastern Medicine

Western vs Eastern Medicine

Many have described the subject as whole vs dividism

Hiding symptoms vs treating the root cause

but instead I look at it as unceasing discovery for both, western as primitive yet modern and Chinese advance yet ancestral.

Western had made progress by studying bulk material going the way through anatomy molecule to atom and wave, while Chinese medicine had started

Reconciling with nature and your nature.

Reconciling with nature and your nature.

It took us a while to create cities with less cars impact on it

To keep green space within it blocks

To keep industry zone separate from domestic

To understand the importance of reserved forest

And to clean the oceans from the petrochemical industry

Understanding the ecosystem of nature and its impact on us wasn’t easy and short in time.

With a subject easy to see its impact on nature and us and with less direct economic profit, community awareness didn’t get where it is easily. So how long more to