Human Element Vs Scientific Proof.

Defining human element is the same as the scientific definition of life, It can be summed up in few points, the basic unit of life composed of one or more cells, homeostasis (balance), metabolism, but the most interesting from them all are: growth (increase in size), adaptation (ability to change), response to stimulus (to be in motion) and reproduction (new elements).

Why the most interesting are growth, adaptation, response to stimulus and reproduction because, what science define as life contradict itself when it comes to scientific proof. Scientific proof is the ability to confirm something is true or valuable to consider when you are able to replicate the same experience under same condition and obtain the same result.

Let’s make a projection so we define a tree as alive when it can grow adapt responds. It can be measured replicated always identical when it becomes dead as in form of a table as an example.

With the same approach and human as object to apply the scientific theory human becomes stereotyped models or robotic machine where scientific replication fits them all.  A patterns much identical to many groups that seek uniformity. Uniformity with their own doctrine that serve their interest. Same as in health industry, it is very clear that one medication fits us all neglecting human diversity of causes and symptoms, diets,plants and supplements,acupuncture, lifestyle, exercise, social activities and mind set, in the serve of big medication industries.