WHY Drugs Works And So Others.

Drugs "prescribed medication" works because of chemical reaction. “Chemical reaction occurs whenever chemicals bonds are formed, rearranged, or broken.”

First it needs collision of particles under kinetic movement, or randomly with smaller particles.

 Second a multiples factors that influence the rate of chemical reactions:

Temperature the highest the greater the kinetic movement the greater the collision.

Concentration the greater more particles are reacting.

Particles size the smaller the fastest.

Catalyst or enzymes that increases the rate of the chemical reaction.


So does breathing techniques works which involves O2 chemical reaction?

Does water which have great effect on temperature can help?

Does Mindset, or behavior that involves frequencies set of the brain in which it control the waves required for the kinetic movement of particles?

Does physiotherapy which increases the blood flow with their kinetic movement?

Does acupuncture which releases endorphin, and vasodilation effects that regulates blood flow in other words increasing the concentration and the frequencies of the brain affects the chemical reaction?

Does herbs supplements have any effects or chemical reaction on our body? Or it is just a myth which cannot be patented?

Or just because drugs are toxic in principles third cause of death, profitable as motivation rank after oil companies , addictive for life, and create other diseases from their side effects, therefore should be more scientific.

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