Grateful for the selected few during the dark ages to be the keeper of knowledge, yet they have to consider that knowledge are not anymore a privilege in their hands as it used to be in the dark ages where only the elected knows to read and write, neglecting and burning to some extend documents that threaten their political, social and economic status.

Grateful  for the church and  acknowledge there effort to brings education for their catholic priest against the protestant movement and had become open for all, yet  the education system which they control with it importance was a horse of troy for them, where analytic reasoning emphasis the human body as center of interest not the invisible god and belief system.

Grateful for the Cartesian medicine to understand that human life doesn’t end on molecules and atomic levels, but overcome Descartes separation of mind and body under the influence of the church, and integrates thoughts or conscious as have their importance in our existence as human. Not to be motionless at the beginning of science in the lumiere age but to move forward with quantum physic that define unified field.

Grateful for the psychologists to consider our needs are beyond blending in our community but as well to understand the reason behind our existence.

Definitively as a society, we have overcome believe and we live in era that wants to experience and understand, to experience prosperity and positive things and to understand the nature of human that part of him is divine, and not anymore to endure destiny but a procreator of it.  ” Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living” genesis 7.

Not to be stacked into the name of divinity in each culture but the message of peace and divinity that reminds us at this time to overcome the enslavers of modern time.

Similarity doesn’t mean elimination, rather it can be considered as an endorsement of the necessity of the subject and each culture endorse its own constitution, language, culture, folklore and religion. Muslin endorse their language in there prayer and yet we see similarity in their belief with Christian and Jews, as well Jesus for the Christian came to continue or to create new testament but not to eliminate the old one, and Jews from Sumer.   

Same as Jesus similarity with Krishna none eliminate other, instead it shows more love from the creator to different culture.

We know the similarity between the five yoga and “there are no other commandments greater than these” Mark 12;28-31. 

“thou shalt love the lord thy God

With all thy heart, =bhakti yoga devotion

And with thy soul, =raja yoga soul

And with all thy mind, =gyana yoga wisdom

And with thy strength, =hatha yoga strength

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. =Karma yoga selfless.

Yes different culture in different parts of the world have its own believe system, like government have its own constitution and like every country its own language. None of them is wrong each of them is wright and becomes its own reality. This is the universe it create a physical reality that reflect your belief, choose one to start from and we have already one why change, just make it better. Conscious untainted by the greed’s and materialist of this world.  A renewed believe that will hold morals and good  for century where laws and regulation had hold many from doing bad but never motivated them to do goods.