A very complicated disease even with western approach hard to diagnose the cause and even harder to treat.

Chinese medicine or acupuncture doesn’t make it easier to diagnose but definitely have better result. It is classified under different categories, starts with an assessment that collect all your symptoms from specific pain location of the head to the duration, intensity and frequencies of the onset, diet lifestyle all add up to be classified under ten different underlying causes.

Recent study shows “This is no longer the case for acupuncture. A German randomized controlled trial (n = 302) showed that acupuncture is more effective than no acupuncture. Another German randomized controlled trial (n = 794) showed that 11 acupuncture treatments given within a six-week period was at least as effective as a β-blocker taken daily over a six-month period.3,4 As a consequence of these and 20 other high-quality trials involving 4419 participants, the 2009 Cochrane review by Linde and colleagues5 found that there is consistent evidence that acupuncture is beneficial in the treatment of acute migraine attacks and that the available studies suggest that acupuncture is at least as effective as prophylactic drug treatment and has fewer adverse effects. Therefore, acupuncture should be considered an option for patients willing to undergo this treatment.5


Treatment in some cases is very simple, avoiding some category of food (within Chinese medicine classification of food energy), acupuncture as the study shows a consistence evidence for treating migraine, maintaining enough hours of sleep, regular physical and breathing exercise, as well economic and social activity each of them plays a role toward accomplishing a peace of mind.