By definition of World health organization, health is:  

In 1800 absence of disease.

In 1947 is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being

In 1960 is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and element of life environmental, spiritual and emotional intellectual well-being.

 Compared to Chinese medicine the modern definition of health of 1960 are reflected in the causes of diseases mentioned in the Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor 300 B.c. causes of diseases from external (virus, summer stroke,..) internal related to emotions each organ related to certain behavior ,  Others: constitution, fatigue/over-exertion, excessive sexual activity, diet, trauma, epidemics, parasites and poisons, wrong treatment.

Germ theory vs balance between yin and yang.

The germ theory of disease states that many diseases are caused by microorganisms. Pasteurization from Pasteur consist of eliminating this microorganisms, and in practical medicine antibiotics or antifungal are prescribe. Until recently the same concept of balancing the body in Chinese medicine yin and yang to make it simple, regain main stream treatment, probiotics and boosting the immune system as an effective way for chronic infection and bacteria resistance to antibiotics.

Galen innovation in surgery tools “since there was relatively little innovation in surgery and surgical tools from the time of Hippocrates (5th century BCE) and Galen (2nd century CE), this collection is typical of surgical practice for nearly a millennium and illuminates the practice of medicine in ancient Rome. In fact, the technology of some tools, such as the vaginal speculum, did not change significantly until the 20th century.”

One size fit all, to near future precision medicine, “The correct identification of genes linked to diseases and the prescription of tailored prevention mechanisms and treatments to meet specific needs—a practice known as precision medicine.” Same old concept of holistic approach that tailor specific treatment for each patient yet taking in consideration the world health organization all the factors that affect his health not only from a reductionist genes theory.

Physical exam that relies 80% on clinical diagnosis while modern tools are used as a confirmation for the primary finding. And to certain extend many diseases are diagnosed only by clinical diagnosis like thoracic outlet syndrome to mention one. Definitely physical exam has been around as old from the Egyptian medicine and Greek,. but with the precision and many systems tools that Chinese medicine offers at that time outperforms other, and it was used not only to diagnose illness but as well (a preventive healthy year) that time  doctors were paid a year after  not to treat diseases but to prevents you from accumulating one.