What is Chinese Medicine? or the system behind Acupuncture.

  • Chinese medicine have three class of treatments.

  • Lower class treat diseases

  • Middle class prevent diseases

  • Upper class longevity

Lower class Even though it sound similar to western medicine for treating disease it still have a different approach . Diseases in Chinese medicine are the inability of the body to found it balance back (HOMEOSTASIS). Helping the body to overcome causes of diseases from external (virus, summer stroke,..) internal related to emotions each organ related to certain behavior ,  Others: constitution, fatigue/over-exertion, excessive sexual activity, diet, trauma, epidemics, parasites and poisons, wrong treatment. Helping the body with natural holistic approach through acupuncture herbs cupping heat/cooling therapy, exercise diet and meditation.

Middle class treatments even if it sounds similar to dietitian sport coach, still it’s tailed for each individual needs taking in consideration his constitution, lifestyle, habits, works, relationship, diet, toxic accumulation and climate environment. With tools and system of diagnose related to energy body. Energy that accumulate to become a condensed form represented in symptoms for diseases cases. Diet exercise breathing technique are recommended to adjust back balance in health.  

Upper class longevity (with a purpose) similar to psychology that says higher purpose higher you but with a twist, not anymore to fit in community needs and purpose but to live longer to be able to completely detach yourself from this duality, balancing yourself between needs, ego and experiencing momentum sensation of life from one side, and aiming to reach back the unified field. by techniques of meditation that use the mind to become mindless, herbs and exercises.

{The upper class of medicines (treatment).....govern the nourishment of destiny and correspond to heaven...., If one wishes to prolong the years of life without aging, one should" use these.

"The middle class of medicines govern the nourishment of one's nature and correspond to man. ...If one wishes to prevent illness and to supplement depletions and emaciations, one should" use these.

"The lower (class of) medicines....govern the treatment of illness and correspond to earth. If one wishes to remove cold, heat and (other) negative influences (from the body), to break accumulations, and to cure illnesses, one should base (one's efforts) on (drugs listed in) the lower (class of this) manual." }

Shen Nong Ben Cao The Classic of Herbal Medicine written between about 200 and 250 AD