Reconciling with nature and your nature.

It took us a while to create cities with less cars impact on it

To keep green space within it blocks

To keep industry zone separate from domestic

To understand the importance of reserved forest

And to clean the oceans from the petrochemical industry

Understanding the ecosystem of nature and its impact on us wasn’t easy and short in time.

With a subject easy to see its impact on nature and us and with less direct economic profit, community awareness didn’t get where it is easily. So how long more to raise this community awareness on a subject less tangible more programmed with high profit, the health industry.

To be able to make connection that oxygen which you cannot live without it more than three minutes is made by plants, plants and herbs as primary source to sustain life and should be a primary source to treat people with it.

Changing result safe unsafe (fluoride water as an example)

Medical error ranking as third for cause of death in the united states with a toll that rise to 250 000 deaths in 2016 without the patients with permanent disability related to malpractice.


FDA. Links to pharmaceutical and Rockefeller foundation that had imposed specific program on medical school to neglect on purpose other modality of treatment.

Concept of treatment aiming at hiding symptoms not treating the cause in order to keep you coming back for treatment.

Excessive profit of pharmaceutical claiming it is the price of excessive years of research forgetting all the money they receive from association that raise fund for them, and government grants for research related to for the universities. So no wonder why they rank as third biggest economy after war industry and Oil Company, and highest in profit

Definitely Mother Nature didn’t survive billions of years without  the elements needed for her longevity and it is time for us to reclaim our health and longevity from the same source which is naturally green.