What is energy?

From basic chemistry

Matters is anything that occupies space and has a mass, with some exceptions it can be seen, smelled, and felt. Solid like bones, liquid like plasma, gas like air.

Energy is less tangible has no mass and does not take up space, it can only be measured by its effect on matter.

Energy is defined as the capacity to do work, or to put matter into motion.

Energy is either at rest (potential) or at motion (kinetic)

Energy in different forms

Chemical energy substance bonds like foods drugs gas …

Electrical energy particles movement like electricity

Mechanical energy like riding a bicycle

Radiant energy like radio waves x-ray light energy (mind set, believe system)

Conversion of energy

Gas to fire

Electric energy to light

Foods to body energy

Body energy to motion and heat (temperature)

Proper function of the body require maintaining a proper temperature and motion provided by energy.

Energy in Chinese medicine (qi ) is assessed by its function for each organ, following a specific system of assessment and diagnosis tools to identify out of balance in our body.

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