Western vs Eastern Medicine

Many have described the subject as whole vs dividism

Hiding symptoms vs treating the root cause

but instead I look at it as unceasing discovery for both, western as primitive yet modern and Chinese advance yet ancestral.

Western had made progress by studying bulk material going the way through anatomy molecule to atom and wave, while Chinese medicine had started with "energy wave ideas" as primitive cause for all the reality that appear in a different condense form taking shape of light gas liquid then solid.

In second part I would like to consider the concept that someone take charge of your health or you want to take charge of yours. As being responsible for what happening to you or to blame someone else and bagging for a free treatment from the companies that holds the monopoly of the treatment for you.

In Chinese medicine health is the outcome of your emotion your mindset, behavior, activities, exercises and external factor as virus, bacteria and pollution that you can control how they can affect you, it is not what happens to you, but what you will make it happen.