Here or there polarities of happiness are everywhere, from now to later, material to spiritual. We are seeking for happiness. Seeking or going toward and nobody talking about it as a way of living not a destiny.

Confusion of terms confronted by reality that basic needs supposedly to be at the reach of everyone become when grounded to reality as astonishing goal and purpose of live.

Between a system that emphasize the spirit of competition me mine and I, then later ask why there is no sense of community.

And religious doctrine that ask you to leave everything to attain undefined god, and wondering why the majority of religious people are in poor countries.

Being aware of imbedded ideas that affect your daily and lifelong destiny is the key to your success after you have built yours with a consent that every steps have a convenience and disadvantage, a consent with your choice and understanding what it takes to be anything you want. Ex, marriage is being responsible for raising kids not only a month of honeymoon.  Going to work as loving what you do every day not waiting for the weekends or asking when the next vacation will be.

It is in working happiness, in traveling, walking, swimming …learning about everything and God yes learning about god threw science in nature, theology and morality learning because yet no one had known him as is, but as one of many experience that could be.

So happiness is doing the basic daily activity as well what you decide to be with a priority that feet you the most, maintaining a set of morale’s and believe that doesn’t contradict neither you to stay integrated nor what you’re doing.  Grounding these theories needs tools like house car … it requires an exchange of energy we called it money. We lose happiness when we become confused with this terms money as a goal or purpose and motivation, maintaining justice and integrity as religious destiny of happiness, and doing our daily activity as enslaved.