The Two Pillars Of Creation: Positive Thinking and Intuitive People.

You might have heard about the story of Samson the one who had put his hands on the two center pillars that held up the temple. Pushing against them with both hands, till the temple fell on everyone beneath it. Or you might have seen the Jacobs ladder in the middle of two pillars, although the first one express the destruction of the temple the second one aims at reaching a reconnection with your own creator through the middle of your pillars.  

Two pillars or polarities negative and positive, yin yang, wisdom and beauty, an attributes or qualities that you should always keep in balance to maintain the temple which is you. While oneness isn’t taking one side of the duality in the best case being positive always, but rather unifying yourself and reaching back before this duality. Maintaining balance same as finding the cause of each disease is it internal or external, catching an influenza from exterior causes, or heaviness from lack of exercises internal. Same for the positive mind when it looks for any situation to solve, is it an expression of my fault not seeing the bright side, or it is a system which cannot afford wealth for all since one percent control the rest. I am afraid that individuals will becomes the only one to be blamed not for achieving their goals while neglecting the situation that opportunities are less and less created by the system itself that create this dilemma. Seeing green tree leave and related to green bills so my mind can rich it purpose not ready yet to do it, and seeing my friends as an opportunity for making money not my personality, and not willing to accept all the sex harassment  in Hollywood movies making, because you have to do what it takes to become famous.

I know Einstein and tesla …. As well Srinivasa Ramanujan one of greatest mathematician even in mathematic intuitive concept exist, as well in chemistry Mendeleev periodic table, or  and used it to correct the properties of some already discovered elements and also to predict the properties of eight elements yet to be discovered. Or let s put it in this way where is your focus the world will give you back into that domain is true. And different levels of experiencing reality as well is true, but before looking for the exception ability that we have lost over the ages let’s start with what is common for all of us and then ascend, from basic need to ultimate reality.