Being aware, that health is not a pill you take, health are the outcomes of what you are living. Health are physiological symptoms affected as well by the kind of work you do, your environments, your emotions, your social activity and your mind set of believe.

A mindset that looks at health system as a resource for information and consent, not as new ruler and agents for the big pharmaceutical industries.

A mindset that look at social worker, personal trainer, priests or psychologists as a way to reconnect with the infinite possibility that resides within you and not somewhere else.

A mindset that sees itself as influential in community decision in making rules and laws in environments, working hours, to finance system , not a useless person enduring the outcomes what leaders decides for him.

A mindset for a finance system that doesn’t make people dream about money that doesn’t exist since only 8% of it exist as paper bills. While the 92% as electric numbers serves the elite rather a way of exchange for goods and services between peoples.

A mindset that becomes awake to distinct between a person with schizophrenia imagining characters and reality that doesn’t exist, and a professional actor that acts on a reality and  characters that he know it doesn’t exist, but still aware of his roles that he can change it upon his decision. Can be changed with a snap decision in his mind while being an actor in a movies, but it takes times and efforts while living our reality but never less still can be changed.