Perquisite ideas for understanding Chinese Medicine


What is Chinese Medicine?

Chinese medicine have three class of treatments.

Lower class treat diseases

Middle class prevent diseases

Upper class longevity

  • Lower class Even though it sound similar to western medicine for treating disease it still have a different approach . Diseases in Chinese medicine are the inability of the body to found it balance back (HOMEOSTASIS). Helping the body to overcome causes of diseases from external (virus, summer stroke,..) internal related to emotions each organ related to certain behavior ,  Others: constitution, fatigue/over-exertion, excessive sexual activity, diet, trauma, epidemics, parasites and poisons, wrong treatment. Helping the body with natural holistic approach threw acupuncture herbs cupping heat/cooling therapy, exercise diet and meditation.  
  • Middle class treatments even if it sounds similar to dietitian sport coach, still it’s tailed for each individual needs taking in consideration his constitution, lifestyle, habits, works, relationship, diet, toxic accumulation and climate environment. With tools and system of diagnose related to energy body. Energy that accumulate to become a condensed form represented in symptoms for diseases cases. Diet exercise breathing technique are recommended to adjust his balance in health.  
  • Upper class longevity (with a purpose) similar to psychology that says higher purpose higher you but with a twist, not anymore to fit in community needs and purpose but to live longer to be able to completely detach yourself from this duality, balancing yourself between needs, ego and experiencing momentum sensation of life from one side, and aiming to reach back the unified field. Threw techniques of meditation that use the mind to become mindless, herbs and exercises.

{The upper class of medicines (treatment).....govern the nourishment of destiny and correspond to heaven...., If one wishes to prolong the years of life without aging, one should" use these.

"The middle class of medicines govern the nourishment of one's nature and correspond to man. ...If one wishes to prevent illness and to supplement depletions and emaciations, one should" use these.

"The lower (class of) medicines....govern the treatment of illness and correspond to earth. If one wishes to remove cold, heat and (other) negative influences (from the body), to break accumulations, and to cure illnesses, one should base (one's efforts) on (drugs listed in) the lower (class of this) manual." }

Shen Nong Ben Cao The Classic of Herbal Medicine written between about 200 and 250 AD



What is energy ?

From basic chemistry

Matters is anything that occupies space and has a mass, with some exceptions it can be seen, smelled, and felt. Solid like bones, liquid like plasma, gas like air.

 Energy is less tangible has no mass and does not take up space, it can only be measured by its effect on matter.


Energy is defined as the capacity to do work, or to put matter into motion.


Energy is either at rest (potential) or at motion (kinetic)


Energy in different forms

Chemical energy substance bonds like foods drugs gas …

Electrical energy particles movement like electricity

Mechanical energy like riding a bicycle

Radiant energy like radio waves x-ray light energy (mind set, believe system)

Conversion of energy

Gas to fire

Electric energy to light

Foods to body energy

Body energy to motion and heat (temperature)

Proper function of the body require maintaining a proper temperature and motion provided by energy.

Energy in Chinese medicine (qi ) is assessed by its function for each organ, following a specific system of assessment and diagnosis tools to identify out of balance in our body.


Ref. Human anatomy and physiology eight edition 2010 Pearson education Inc., as Pearson Benjamin Cumming.



Reconciling with nature and your nature.

It took us a while to create cities with less cars impact on it

To keep green space within it blocks

Keeping industry zone separate from domestic

To understand the importance of reserved forest

And cleans the oceans from the petrochemical industry

Understanding the ecosystem of nature and it impact on us wasn’t easy and short in time.

With a subject easy to see its impact and with less direct economic profit, community awareness didn’t get where it is easily.

So how long more to raise this community awareness on a subject less tangible more programmed with more profit, the health industry.

Changing result safe unsafe (fluoride water as an example)

Medical error ranking as third for cause of death in the united states with a toll that rise to 250 000 deaths in 2016 without the patients with permanent disability related to malpractice.



For most people duality is finding balance between bad and good

And it is a true reality for a well-defined basic needs to survive.

But when you start aiming to reconnect yourself with your true divine essence duality become a balance between wisdom and love, understanding and caring, the negative aspect of hate balanced by love doesn’t exist anymore it is only loving and wisdom. It is like when you give something to someone you’re not waiting anymore to give you back a favor, it is giving in a simple act of sharing balanced by wisdom not to make the receiver as always recipient but with an intend to make him take the leads to become responsible for other in his turn.

The same concept apply for Chinese medicine while it is true in many case where you need that supplement or this doctors to adjust your health. But it is always intend to make you aware how to find your own balance of health and taking responsibility of your diet exercise activity emotion and thinking for the long run.



Chakra or Maslow needs and their emotions release.

Chakras are your subconscious mind into subcategories stimulated by different parts of the body.

Although in material world they are expressed by words and behavior controlled by the mind, in energetic form there storage of energies are located in different parts of the body corresponding to each chakras.

A good example is root chakra related to your tribe, family, and survival, energy that are controlled by other will and not your mind. In most of the cases you react with it or not but you’re not the initiator of action, even the chief himself follow costumes and behave upon what he had inherited as the only way to interact with life.

Breathing exercise in a slow ocean wave like and directing you attention to each chakra, ideas and emotion related will emerge just continue your breathing and red light form into your conscious eye will appear as a primitive energetic form of it till it dissipate and move to the second one till you reach the infinite universe .



Doing and not doing

Definitely is not for lazy people where not doing sound like a good idea as the goal

Reconnecting with universe flow require more than being lazy

Prerequisite is a term well in place for not doing is doing a lot or going through a lot of breaking old ideas and emotions till you surrender to the ultimate will. It is not an excuse of doing nothing it is a motivation to know the limit of the mind and your ego.

The mind is guarding the gate as do this and plan for this and when at rest your ego will reclaim back his status of achievement while both at rest you will experience nature at work without any effort.



Western vs eastern medicine

Many have described the subject as whole vs dividism

Hiding symptoms vs treating the root cause

but instead I look at it as unceasing discovery western as primitive yet modern and Chinese advanced yet ancestral.

Western had made progress by studying bulk material going the way through anatomy molecule to atom and wave while Chinese medicine had started with wave ideas as primitive cause for all the reality that appear in a different condense form taking shape of light gas liquid then solid.

In second part I would like to consider the concept that someone take on charge of your health or you want to take charge of yours. As being responsible for what happening to you or to blame someone else and bagging for a free treatment from the companies that holds the monopoly of the treatment for you.

In Chinese medicine health is the outcome of your emotion your mindset, behavior, activities, exercises and external factor as virus and bacteria and pollution that you control how they can affect you, it is not what happens to you, but what you will make it happen.


Unified field

It is not about describing it as the ultimate source that everything emerge from it, or where your parasympathetic system or brain wave are it ease all the time.

It is more about how to get there and being aware of common misleading concept that each of one have.

From simple fact that having fun and partying all the time vs the sadness of working. We aim our attention for resting with what it hold for meanings. While reaching the unified field is reconnecting with the creator in other sense becoming a creator. Not to create or work for the system anymore but rather what you feel you should accomplish taking in consideration all the good aspect and characteristic of the creator virtue integrity, dignity and love for each other as a reflection of you and the creator with less I, me, and mine.


As in general theory Chinese medicine look at exterior and interior cause

Within this concept pollutions is not the only factor for disease but the body need to get rid of it as well it is the body function represented by the lymphatic system as well kidney liver and digestive system to be properly doing its jobs. So it is not only to be exposed to certain chemical which they are many over 80000 and every day many are added but also to consider for how long and which organs are more affected then other to be more effective and more practical vs the systematic approach which is great as well to prevent and maintain a healthy body.


Diet in Chinese medicine

You’re looking for a simple common recipe well it not the case with Chinese medicine.

To make it simple to understand the concept of diet in Chinese medicine I look at your constitution and your environment to finally direct your habit and lifestyle that leads to general outcome.

You diet should be  in permanent change like in winter it more recommended to consume more warming food and in summer food that cools the body temperature.  For each constitution based on yin and yang dominance like some tend to be more active or have a temperament easily agitated or with food high in enzyme that react to certain organs.

It is a permanent lifestyle awareness not deprivation but finding balance between when, quantity, quality and for whom.


Specific disease treatment with Chinese medicine

Let’s take a look at fibromyalgia we start we the western definition of the disease

It is widespread pain in all four quadrants of the body for a minimum duration of 3 months

Tenderness or pain in at least 11 of 18 specified tender points when pressure is applied

Then we start our assessment with Chinese medicine concept taking in consideration

 External condition thermal heat cold, plus humidity and wind due to seasonal changes.

Internal condition five emotional state anger for liver pensiveness for spleen joy for heart fear for kidney sadness for lung.

Others: constitution, fatigue/over-exertion, excessive sexual activity, diet, trauma, epidemics, parasites and poisons, wrong treatment

Assessment should fit for this condition of fibromyalgia into four category related to what most or some of the symptoms the patient have 


 1. (stress related ) Liver Qi Stagnation - anxiety, emotional upset, headaches (including migraine headache), being easily angered, muscle stiffness in neck and shoulders, insomnia, waking frequently and having difficulty falling back to sleep, irritable bowel syndrome. All symptoms may be triggered by emotional stress.

  • Tongue: slightly dusky or slightly puffy
  •  Pulse: wiry/bowstring or slippery
  • Treatment plan: smooth liver, move qi and blood
  • Chinese medicine: modifications based on xiao yao wan or shu gan wan
  • Acupuncture points: yin tang, LI 4, LV 3, GB 34, an mian, ren 17, ren 12, ST 25, SP 6, UB 18, 19, and 20
  • Ear points: shen men, liver, sympathetic

 2.(lack of energy or poor blood) Qi and Blood Deficiency - specifically spleen qi deficiency and heart blood/liver blood deficiency, with such symptoms as chronic fatigue, exhaustion, dull headache, muscle weakness and numbness, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep and waking up tired, palpitations and depression.

  • Tongue: pale, with thin white fur
  • Pulse: thready, weak and deep. This pattern eventually creates pattern #3 below.
  • Treatment plan: tonify qi and blood, calm the spirit
  • Chinese medicine: modifications based on ba zhen tang or gui pi tang or gan mai da zao tang
  •  Acupuncture points: LI 4, ST 36, ren 12, SP 6, 10, PC 6, HT 6, 7, Kid 3, and UB 17, 20
  • Ear points: adrenal, endocrine, heart, spleen

3.( poor circulation of blood and stasis )Qi Stagnation and Blood Stasis - aches and pains in the whole body, burning or gnawing pain with tingling sensations in extremities, headaches.

  • Tongue: purple, dusky
  • Pulse: wiry or irregular
  • Treatment plan: move the qi and blood, alleviate pain
  • Chinese medicine: modifications based on shen tong zhu yu tang or tao hong si wu tang
  • Acupuncture points: DU 20, LI 4, 10, ST 36, SP 9, 10, LV 3, PC 6, UB 17, 18
  • Ear points: shen men, adrenal, subcortex.


4. (Constitutions or age related weakness) Kidney Deficiency (either Yin, Yang, Qi or Essence Deficiency) - there will be impotence or lack of libido for males and infertility issues for both males and females. Other symptoms: sore lower back with restless leg syndrome, irritable bladder, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome, hot flashes and night sweats.

  • Tongue: pale or dry, with cracks
  • Pulse: thin, weak and deep
  • Treatment plan: tonify qi, tonify essence and yang, and nourish yin
  • Chinese medicine: modifications based on you /zuo gui yin (wan), jin gui sheng qi wan, jin suo gu jing wan
  • Acupuncture points: ren 3, 4, 6, LI 11, LV 2, GB 39, Kid 3, 6, 7, SP6, and UB 23, 31
  • Ear points: adrenal, endocrine, kidney


Specific herbs

There is a distinction to consider between a bioactive components of a single herbs and to treat diseases related to cell theory as dividism or western reductionist view of bodies.

For example cortex mountain radix (mu dan Pi ) bioactive ingredient  paeonol , paeoniflorin , and albiflorinhas anti-inflamamatory effects through the inhibition of iNOS and COX-2 expression.

Or and  to treat disease viewing the symptoms as an expression of the whole bodysometime requires a treatment with a whole unit of herbs (Mu dan pi ) indicated in Chinese medicine for •         Actions: clears heat, cools the blood, invigorates blood and removes blood stasis. As a major component, substitute or assistant in different formula for different diseases.

In practice both method are to be considered as for chronic diseases practicality simplicity and availability of natural single herbs are easier and less time consuming for the patients while for many other diseases that can be healed with combination of herbs is required for a few times to achieve a good results.



Going with the basic yet very effective breathing, not with stress and forces, but just smoothlyand increase the quantity of air a little and slowly.itIsintend to distract the mind from any negatives ideas and return it to a parasympathicmode that everything is well. Breathing can be done anywhere at any time with no special sitting positing. The body will adjust after a while for the normal flow.

As a first step Meditation is reabsorbing all ideas and arrange it in way that helps you achieving your goal, everyone had different experience and different purpose with lots of commons. Don’t be afraid to start looking at other people behavior outside off you instead on what everybody teach, look inside. Just don’t be judgmental observe and understand what are the cause of each action and reaction in other so you can project on yourself which is harder to understands yours pattern of action and behavior.

As a second step meditation is absence of any ideas or any arrangement it is being reabsorbed by the universe and being an observer for what it is.



it is funny how we begin with a clear set of mind for the pursuit of happiness and healthy life , but it happens that we. Hold on to our day to day demands and ends up living in a stress environment and anxious for tomorrow

ž  Stress  

ž  Stress is your body's response system to help protect you. It causes the release of adrenaline, which allows you to make snap decisions, meet challenges and give you extra alertness. Unfortunately some individuals feel chronic stress, which can take a toll on your cardiovascular system and even cause some
depression symptoms.

ž  Anxiety   can sometimes be caused by stress, but it is a different type of condition altogether. Anxiety can be compared more closely with fear than stress. When you feel anxiety about something, you engage in a physical response to stimuli that makes you feel afraid or as though you can't face something

In Chinese medicine symptoms are related to imbalance and dysfunction of different organs



Preoccupation, obsessive worry, aversion to speak,

 palpitations, insomnia, fatigue, poor appetite, abdominal distention, teeth marks and pale tongue, weak pulse.


Preoccupation, irritability, moodiness, poor appetite, hypochondriac tightness or pain, muscular tension, fatigue, alternating constipation and loose stools, a pale/dusky tongue, wiry-weak pulse


Preoccupation, fear, lower back and knee weakness, lack of sexual desire, frequent urination, cold hands and feet, pale tongue and weak pulse


Preoccupation, rapidly changing moods, sadness and easily feeling grief and loss, inability to “let go”, shortness of breath, fatigue, sweating easily, weak cough, pale tongue, thin coating and thin pulse